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3 Easel Alternatives for Watercolor Artists

by Rebecca Caui

Are you an artist who works with watercolor and looking for an easel stand? Surely you know that you can’t really work with the common type of upright easel stand because if you do, the watercolor will come running down the canvas or paper that you use. So, you definitely need a specific type of easel stand to work with. 

There are several different alternatives that you can go for, ranging from very cheap one to professional grade easel stands: 

1. DIY Watercolor Easel 

Low on budget? Don’t worry, be creative with what you have. 

For watercolor painting, you will need an easel stand that can give you the 30 degrees angle for working. This angle can give you comfort and ensure the quality of the painting. To get this, you can place an item under the mounting support that you use. Just make sure that it is stable and won’t slide off so that you can work comfortably. Of course, this alternative is not long lasting and not very sturdy as well. But if you are left with no choice, then you can go with this until you can save up for better quality easel stand. 

2. Tabletop Watercolor Easel 

A lot of people use this type of easel for working with the watercolor medium because it is simple, compact, and very convenient. This type of easel is not very expensive, and for its affordable price, it usually offers a decent quality that can last you a long time of use. This type of easel is highly adjustable; it can be tilted any way you prefer. Try to find one with drawers attached to it, so that your painting supplies can be arranged neatly and even if you need to work outdoors, you can carry everything easily. The tabletop watercolor easel is good for both beginners and professionals, so it is a really great option for your first watercolor easel. 

3. Portable Stand Alone Easel 

If you need to often move from here to there with your easel stand, then you require a watercolor easel that is not heavy, easy to fold, fits into a bag, and not a hassle to carry. What you need is a portable easel. 

The portable stand alone easel is the type of easel that you can choose if the mentioned descriptions fit your requirements. This easel can be attached to a tripod specifically designed for it. There is also a tray that is attached to it that can hold the painting supplies. Not only that it is perfect for artists who are mobile, but this type of easel stand can also be converted to a tabletop easel type. So with this easel stand, you basically get a two in one easel. 

A good tip for buying an easel is that you have to remember to compare the price from places to places as some of them sell it at a higher or a cheaper price. It is better to buy it offline in stores so that you can clearly touch and see to know its quality rather than buying online.

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