About Us

Reboot is working toward a 21st century social contract.

Around the world, new models of engagement are reshaping the relationship between citizens and institutions acting in the public interest. They present opportunities for greater justice, accountability, and inclusivity in the structures that affect our lives. Reboot is dedicated to unlocking this potential.

We help the world’s leading organizations become more responsive to the communities they serve. We design and implement systems that enable institutions and individuals to engage one another in tackling social challenges.

Empathy is integral to our approach. We use applied ethnography to better understand people and the environments they inhabit. We have particular expertise in reaching underserved populations whose voices are often marginalized in the act of governing. Empathy allows us to define more inclusive systems, based around human needs and aspirations.

We employ this human-centered approach in helping our organizational partners turn a vision of change into action. We cultivate the internal processes, tools, and cultures necessary to balance short-term organizational priorities with long-term public interests. Our process promotes enduring change, delivered through systems that are tailored to both institutions and individuals alike.

Reboot’s efforts have improved human development outcomes worldwide. Our experience is cross-disciplinary and our approach collaborative. From public financial management in Nigeria to media development in Pakistan to civic engagement in the United States and beyond, our work allows citizens to make their voices heard and live better lives.

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