Solutions, built to fit.

Reboot creates services, programs and policies that change lives. Our teams investigate how people live and what they need, design programs and policies to address these needs, and implement tailored, practical solutions that benefit underserved communities. We have executed projects in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, civic media, education, financial inclusion, human rights, non-profit leadership, and technology policy.

Empathy is fundamental to our process. We refuse to make assumptions from afar about the communities we work with, and rely on ethnographic techniques and field immersions to ensure we develop solutions for people, not concepts.


Planning for the Future.

Trying to determine the best path towards meeting your objectives? Our investigations can help unearth original insights on hard problems. Our process emphasizes immersive field research and analysis to understand complex systems. By embedding ourselves in communities and among stakeholders, we uncover contextual insights that would otherwise be missed.

We use ethnographic techniques, deep domain research, and rigorous analysis to gain a holistic and nuanced understanding of behaviours, opportunities, and capacities.

Sample Deliverables:

  • Context specific insights
  • User segmentation and analysis
  • Program, product or service concepts
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks
  • Technical impact assessments

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Reboot investigates how technology can be used to transform post-revolutionary Tunisia. >>


Create, Iterate, Perfect

Do you need to create a new service, program, product or policy? Our cross-functional team of specialists can help you develop a solution that meets the needs of the communities you serve. Each option is evaluated against real-world opportunities & constraints. The most promising are prototyped, tested, & refined until they successfully address the challenge at hand.

We work hand-in-hand with clients, communities, & stakeholders throughout the process, creating buy-in &  shared ownership at all levels. Participation and iteration drive our approach.

Sample Deliverables:

  • System, program or product prototypes
  • Co-creation workshops
  • User-testing and feedback schemes
  • Technical development roadmaps
  • Policy analyses and recommendations

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Reboot revamps a mobile banking system for delivering humanitarian aid in rural Pakistan. >>


Building Change That Lasts

Are you applying technology, systems or processes to achieve social impact? With local knowledge and expertise, we can help you build and implement all of the necessary components of your next successful initiative, from technical development to long-term programmatic success.

We maintain strong connections with communities and clients throughout the process, leveraging cultural and contextual insights to improve execution. Thorough documentation and compelling storytelling are hallmarks of our approach.

Sample Deliverables:

  • Program management and implementation
  • Technical product development
  • Mobile systems
  • Partner/Vendor Selection and Management
  • Knowledge management platforms

Learn More:
Reboot implements mobile phone-based social accountability systems for agriculture and healthcare programs in Nigeria. >>

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