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The Things You Have to Consider Before Buying the Poster Stand

by Rebecca Caui

What do you do before decided to buy something? Some people find out the review and the other tries to get as much as information about the things that want to buy. If you want to buy the poster stand, you should also find about the review or maybe information about it. Before you buy it, there are several things that you need to know and concern about. By knowing it, you can make a better decision and get the best poster stand that fits with your need. So, what are the things that need to be a concern? Well, here is the list of the things. Hopefully, by reading it, you’ll get new information about the poster stand before you buy it. 

1. The Materials 

Do you know that a poster stand is made of metal? But, it is not only made by one variety of metal. Aluminum and stainless steel are the two of the metal that frequently used for making a poster stand. Do you know about the differences between those two? So, to help you decide the best material for your poster stand, here are the differences between aluminum and stainless steel. 

  • Aluminum: the weight is lighter, as not as good as stainless steel in terms of oxidation and corrosion.  
  • Stainless Steel: the weight is heavier, it is better in terms of oxidation and corrosion. 

2. The Holder 

Do you know that the poster display by using a holder? There is a variety of holders, but the two most famous holders are slot holders and clip holders. Both of the holders can be used to hold a poster. So, you can pick your poster stand holder based on your taste and needs. 

3. The Price 

The poster stand is durable but it has an affordable price. The price varies depending on the features, quality, and material that be used. For example, based on material, aluminum is more expensive than stainless steel and it impacts the price of the poster stand. Mostly, the aluminum poster stand is more expensive than the stainless one. That’s why, after considering the material and holder, you should concern about the price and your budget. 

4. The Base  

The stability of the poster stand determines by the base of it. The base plays an important role as a foundation for the poster stand. Because of that, you should choose the best one for you. You can consider two things for choosing the base. First, about its weight. It is crucial since the heavier of base weight, the more stable the poster stand. Then, the second thing you should consider is the base shape. There are flat c-shape, round, square, and the tripod base shape. 

5. The Height 

Do you know that the poster stand has a variety of height? So, you have to think about your need first. Will you need a poster stand that has a height up to 3 meters or not? The answer back to your decision and needs. Since there is a lot of variety of height for the poster stand, you can visit Singapore poster Stand to find the best poster stand that suits for you! 

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