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3 Reasons Why Certificates Are Given After Training

by Rou Duligi

We live in a digital era, where information is easily obtained and accessed by the public. Therefore, change is an absolute thing that can happen and cannot be avoided. In the process of adaptation, nowadays, it is a must for everyone to be a lifelong learner. That’s the reason why lots of people learn new things to develop their capacities in knowledge and skills. 

Have you joined a training or course before? What did you get after that? Knowledge, skills, or friends? But, did you get a certificate after the training or course completed? Usually, organizations that conduct training or courses give certificates to recipients who have completed their program. But is it necessary to give the recipient certificates? Of course, a certificate is important! Here are the reasons.

1. Appreciation and Motivation

Learning new skills and knowledge is a courageous thing. Why? Because someone has to allocate his time, energy, or even money to complete the training. As an appreciation symbol, a certificate can be given to those who have finished the program. Besides, for some people, certificates can motivate them to learn more skills and knowledge.

2. Supporting Document for Job

You know that a certificate can be used as a supporting document when applying for jobs. It makes the applicant has a plus point and stands out among the other applicants. So, basically, it can help the applicant to increase the probability to catch the recruiter’s attention. But, one thing that has to remember that at a certain point certificate can be unnecessary. Why can it happen? Let’s explain with an example. If you want to apply for a position as quality control staff at a tire factory, the best certificate that can be included is a certification related to the quality control process. Apart from that, it might become useless. So, if someone wants to get a certificate as a supporting document in applying for a job, they must know the job to be applied for before joining the training or course.

3. Prove of Credibility

How to make people believe that someone has expertise in a particular area? So the answer is by using a certificate. Because of that, the certificate is only given to those who have completed and demonstrated their ability in the new skills or knowledge they have learned. That’s the reason why it can be a supporting document because, in the first stage of job recruitment, the recruiter has not been able to assess the applicant in a real situation. So they only see the certificate as proof of credibility.

Tips for Creating Certificates

  • A mistyped name is one of the most common mistakes in making certificates. So, always make sure if the recipient’s name and certificate number are written appropriately with no typos.
  • If you are going to print your certificates and expect to get a good result for it, then it is recommended for you to go to a trusted and professional certificate printing services.
  • Make it in a high-resolution format.

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