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4 Benefits of Using a Common Seal for Business in Singapore

by Rou Duligi

A common seal is most popular for its purpose of authorizing and authenticating any documents that are going to be executed or issued by a company or organization. It used to be mandatory to use a common seal for this purpose. But in recent years, it is no longer regarded as obligatory. However, some countries still regard is as a must. Now, the signature of a company director already suffices for the process of document authorization. Despite so, many companies still think that it is only proper to leave the imprint of the company’s logo with the common seal along with the company director’s signature. That’s why, to this day, a common seal in Singapore is still often requested for manufacture. Beyond that, there are still several more advantages that you can get from getting a common seal and using it for your company or organization.

1. Give off the right impression

To make sure that the execution or release of a document from your company is done professionally and properly, you should definitely consider using a common seal. People would appreciate it more if you can leave a mark of your company logo along with the signature of your company’s director or decision-maker. Compared to ones who only give a signature, you will look like a company that seems more willing to work properly and professionally. This will give you an extra point as you try to build a beneficial relationship with other firms or companies. Small changes to appear better like this should really be considered because often it can make quite a difference and bring more benefits.

2. Substitute signatures

Some days, there are emergencies in the office. This is when a common seal can get quite handy. If a company director or anyone of authority is not present in the company while a document needs to be approved and issued immediately, you can definitely choose to make the director’s signature to be substituted by the presence of the common seal’s mark. This is legal upon approval of the company director under certain circumstances. If you don’t want to lose any chance, you have to be prepared before it happens. So make sure that you create one before it’s too late.

3. Avoid mistake

A common seal can be a reminder for people to make sure that they check everything from top to bottom of the document for any mistake or inaccuracies regarding the content. Only after they are sure of everything displayed, they can emboss the paper with the common seal. This can really help you to avoid creating unnecessary and unwanted mistakes that may cause misunderstanding that won’t benefit you at all.

4. International Business

Even though some countries don’t require a common seal for the purpose of document authorization and authentication, some others still regard is as important and also mandatory. Should you get a chance to work with them, you always have to come prepared. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In international business, a common seal impression can put emphasis and extra power onto the signature of the director or a company representative, signing that they truly approve the notion and will go on with it responsibly.

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