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5 Common Mistakes That You Need to Know When Making Stickers!

by Rou Duligi

There are countless reasons why people choose to use stickers. But, one of the reasons people love using it is because the sticker is easy to create. Begin with a concept, then move on to the design, and end by printing the design to get the “real” sticker. But, even the process of making it is really simple, people still make mistakes during the process. Don’t do the same and avoid making the same mistake! Because of that, here are several common mistakes that you need to know when creating stickers! 

1. Choose The Wrong Type of Sticker 

You should have a concept about what you’ll make on your sticker, including the type of it. Many people choose the wrong type of sticker because they have no idea and information about it. Because of that, you need to know that every sticker has advantages and disadvantages.Then, before creating a sticker, you can find some information about that. You can ask someone who understands about the sticker, read a book, or find it on the internet. By knowing it, you can choose the right type of sticker according to your needs!  

2. Low Resolution  

Do you know that low-resolution design can affect the result of your sticker? If you make a small sticker, the effect may not be visible. However, if you set the size larger, then you may see that the result is blurry or look jagged and rough. If it is made with an intention of making decorative stickers or anything that required you to create a good quality of sticker, then the blurry result should be avoided. Therefore, when it comes to creating a design, you should always remember to make it in a high-resolution design. 

3. Wrong Size 

It often happens that people make the wrong size of stickers. Then consequently, they can keep and use it, or they have to start and make it again. So, they have to pay double for it. Therefore, it is crucial to estimate and know the exact size of your sticker and avoid guessing about the size of it.   

4. Poor Quality of Printing 

Another common mistake occurs because people choose unprofessional printing services to print their own stickers. Or, they print it at home and believe the result will be as good as professional printing service, but in fact, they don’t even have adequate tools to do that. Maybe it won’t be a problem if you make it just for fun, but for other serious purposes such as for business, poor print quality can be fatal. You can keep yourself from the same mistake by select professional sticker printing service, such as sticker printing in Singapore, to help you get the best result of your sticker.   

5. Inaccurate Information 

Especially for a business, including inaccurate information on stickers is something that shouldn’t happen. Inaccurate information can occur due to several things such as typos and incomplete information. In many cases, people notice it after the sticker has been printed. Because of that, checking all of the information before printing can help you avoid the same problem. 

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