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How to Make a Postcard That’s Hard to Miss

by Rebecca Caui

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from postcard printing. Even though it sounds traditional and outdated, postcards are still used for marketing and it is a tool that offers a great return on investment at a low price. How great is that? If you are on a tight budget, marketing with a postcard can be a great decision. 

Now, for a successful postcard printing in Singapore, you have to come up with a great design and high postcard printing quality. 

1. Make a Strong First Impression 

The first impression counts. So much. People decide to put aside or even throw away a postcard from the get-go if they aren’t impressed with it. So, it is very crucial to make sure that your postcard can look outstanding and intriguing. 

You can grab the attention of your target audience by making your postcard feel personal. Think about how you would get a postcard from a person you know overseas. Make your promotional postcard sound that close and friendly.  

Start off by thinking of a headline that is catchy yet relatable. This will surely be able to make people feel intrigued to know about what you want to say. 

Then, try to make the content friendly. The closer your target customers feel to you, the better your postcard can work on them. 

2. Use Strong Typography 

It’s great if you already have a hard to resist the headline. Attract better by designing in bold. Add strength to your words by choosing strong typography that will be hard to miss. A bold design for postcard printing will be great whether for a coated or uncoated postcard as well because nevertheless, it will appear strong and attractive. 

3. Convey Point Simply 

Since you don’t have much space to write on a postcard, make sure that the content or key message that you want to deliver is simple and easy to understand. A confusing postcard is a great turn off. When people feel like they can’t understand where you are going with your words, they will tend to stop reading and end up throwing away your postcard. So, to make each of your printed postcards count, you have to make sure that you come up with a great copy that is irresistible. 

4. Be Persuasive 

Deliver simply, straightforwardly, and make it persuasive so that people will have a hard time putting your postcard aside. To make your postcard sound stronger and more convincing, you can add a call to action sentence that directs them to the right action, website, or phone number. This is highly effective and even though it is small, it can make a big difference in the response that you get from your target customers. 

So, those were the four tips that you can take note of as you design and print your postcard. Make sure to print your postcard at a reputable printing service so that you will get a high quality postcard for marketing. Moreover, it can make you save up printing budgets too rather than printing on your own. So, wait no more. Get started on designing and printing your postcards today. 

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