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Things to Make Sure of When Making A Wedding Card!

by Valeria Buffon

The wedding card is one of the many things that you must prepare for a wedding. But, since card sizes are usually small, many people think that preparing and making the card is quite easy. In reality, that is not as easy as they think! So, to help you prepare and make a wedding card, here is some information about a few things to consider when making the card!  

1. Name, Title, and Address of the Recipient 

The first thing that you need to make sure is that the name, title, and address of the recipient on your guest list is correct! Some people may feel uncomfortable if you get their name wrong on the envelope. So, you have to ensure that you make it right! In this case, if you are not sure about the recipient’s name, title, and address, it is better if you ask them first.  

2. How Will You Make the Cards 

When you want to make a wedding card, you need to ensure how you are going to make it. Why? Because there is more than an option for that. So, about design, you can make it yourself or ask a professional graphic designer for help. Then about making the design into a tangible wedding card, you can print it yourself or go to a wedding card printing service to get more satisfying results. So, before you make a card, make sure you know which path you want to take for it! 

3. Timeline 

Another thing to make sure is about the timeline or we can say time planning. Basically, it is about when you want to start making the card until it sends. Have you made it? In most cases, when a couple has a year to prepare their wedding, here is their plan for making a wedding card. 

  • 12 – 9 months before: start to make the guest list .
  • 8 – 6 months before: complete the guest list.
  • 5 – 4 months before: create or order the card.
  • 8 – 6 weeks before: ready to send out the card. But if you want to send the card to people who live in a different city or country, you can send it earlier since the card will take longer time to arrive.  

4. Budget 

Speaking of budget, have you allocated it for wedding cards? You will not spend a small amount of money for it as many people say that wedding is one of the most expensive parties you have in your life! So, making a clear budget allocation is super important! First, it helps you to find out how much money you can spend on each step of your wedding preparation. Second, it can prevent you from overspending. And finally, by knowing the number of moneys allocated for each activity, you can make some adjustments to keep in line with your budget. Including when you make wedding cards, you can make some adjustments such as choosing the card size and material that suits your budget!

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