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Tips in Choosing Ink Colour and Size for Your Company Chop!

by Rou Duligi

People call it company chop or company stamp! It is a must-have item in business that is regularly made of rubber. There are two popular types of rubber stamp that people commonly use, the first one is a pre-inked stamp, and the second one is a self-inking stamp. Typically in a business, a self-inking stamp is the best choice since it has an affordable price and suitable for stamping in a large number. When it comes to buying the self-inking stamp for your company chop, there are some tips that can help you determine the right ink colour and size for your stamp. So, keep reading till the end! 


Finding the balance size for the stamp is absolutely important! Small documents that affixed with a large company stamp are not really good to look at, and perhaps some information covered by the stamp. That seems not really nice, right? So, to help you find the best size, here are some tips you can follow and apply! 

1. Identify the Types of Document 

What kind of documents that will be affixed by using the company stamp? Knowing the size and type of documents helps you to estimate whether the stamp will be made in a large or small size. 

2. Try to Draw It! 

After deciding about making it in large or small size, try to estimate diameters (for a round stamp) or length and width (for rectangle stamp). Just think of a specific size and draw it on paper that has the same size as the documents that will be affixed by using the stamp. Or you can draw it first, then measure it. You can do it over and over again until you get the perfect size for your stamp! 

Ink Colour 

The self-inking stamps use water-based inks. There is more than only one ink colour for the stamp. To help you choose the one that’s right for you, here are some tips you can apply to choose it! 

1. Find Out the Ink Colours! 

What colour do you often see for the ink stamp? Blue is one of the most dominating colours used for the stamp. In fact, blue is not the only ink colour that you can choose. Here are a few ink colour that also can be chosen 

  • Blue is the most popular colour since it is neutral in usage. It is used in almost every type of documents.  
  • Black ink for the stamp, especially for the company chop, is not recommended as it will look like a copy document. 
  • Red ink shows seriousness. Usually, it is used as a rejected stamp or an urgent stamp.  
  • Green is rarely used, but gives readers a positive feeling of acceptance.  

2. So, It’s Time to Determine Your Ink Colour 

After knowing a few ink colours for the stamp, it’s time for you to pick one! Remember, choose it based on the purpose of why the stamp is created. For instance, if you want to make it a sign that the document needs to be processed as soon as possible, then the red inks would be perfect for you! 

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